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Human Dog Bed Dog Bed for Humans Giant Dog Bed with Washable Fluffy Faux Fur Cover 72″x48″x11″ Human Size


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About this item

  • Support for Comfort: It features soothing and warm faux shag fur supported with 3.2″ egg crate support foam and 0.8″ memory foam. This combination distributes weight evenly, providing optimal pressure relief and joint support for you and your pet.It aslo pairs with a furry blanket, ensuring you a ultimate comfort for a good rest.
  • Excellent New Relax: Cozzze Human dog bed can provide a new way to enjoy better rest, human dog bed can even accommodate you and your pet to rest and play in it at the same time.This cozy dog bed allows you and your beloved pet to snuggle up closely, fostering a deeper bond and creating a comforting haven. Experience the true essence of security and intimacy like never before.
  • Easy Clean: Keeping your human dog bed fresh and clean is a breeze. Simply unzip the cover, remove the filler, and toss the bed cover into the washing machine for a gentle, low-temperature cleaning. Please avoid high-temperature cleaning or drying to maintain the bed’s quality. Give it a gentle pat and shake to ensure full fluffiness before use.
  • Non-slip & Waterproof: The bottom of the bed has a non-slip design, preventing it from sliding and making it easy for pets to get in and out. The interior of the bed is also waterproof, preventing pet urine from penetrating the sponge and causing inconvenience.
  • Important Notice: Our human dog bed is vacuum-compressed for shipping. Please allow a minimum of 24-48 hours for the bed to restore its fluffy state.The dimensions are measured manually, so there may be a 1-2 inch discrepancy. Thank you for your understanding.



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